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1.) Credit is not required on anything posted here as long as it is for personal use. If you would still like to credit while using these for your own use, please credit basebeat so other people can find them! 2.) Comment when taking something. This helps me help you; I'll know who/what you guys like and I'll know to make more of that. 3.) Be respectful to your fellow LJ users and me, your mod. 4.) Have fun! If someone you are RPG'ing or your favorite band isn't found here, let me know! I'll do my best to try and fill your needs. 5.) You do not have to comment to be added. Just press "join community" at the top of the community info page. 6.) Sometimes my old hosts like to die for a few days. The hosts that die are thefilehut.com & myfilehut.com. If the bases that you would like to see are on myfilehut.com and are not showing, try back in a little while. If they still don't work, let me know and I will reupload them if I still have them. 7.) If you are going to modify these for NON-PERSONAL USE [AKA putting the modified bases up for grabs at graphics communities on LJ] and you are asking for credit, PLEASE MENTION THAT YOU GOT YOUR BASES FROM basebeat! Sticking basebeat in your resource section will work too! I am asking for credit as a RESOURCE not as "omg I cropped a picture!oneone11!!! I WANT CREDIT!" I make A LOT of bases for you all to use. Crediting me as a resource, just as you would someone who made brushes for photoshop or a texture, is VERY fair. If you do not think it is fair, PLEASE LEAVE NOW.

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